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PurrPlay Interactive Cat Laser Toy

PurrPlay Interactive Cat Laser Toy

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Unleash the thrill of playtime for your feline friend with the PurrPlay Interactive Cat Laser Toy. This automatic, random-moving laser cat toy is a captivating addition to your indoor cats' entertainment repertoire, promising endless joy and exercise.


360° Random Rotation: Watch as the red dot seamlessly navigates a 360° random rotation, enticing your cat with unpredictable movements, sometimes far and sometimes near—providing an engaging and stimulating experience.

Unique Design with Super Silence: The PurrPlay boasts a super-silent design, ensuring a peaceful play environment for both you and your pet. With three settings—slow, fast, or random—this laser toy introduces an element of surprise to keep your cat captivated.

Automatic Turn-off Feature: In random mode, the laser toy intelligently turns off after 15 minutes, promoting responsible usage and preventing overstimulation for your pet.


  • Height: 7.09 inches (18 cm)

Upgrade your cat's playtime routine with the PurrPlay Interactive Cat Laser Toy—a blend of innovation, excitement, and tranquility, making it a purrfect addition to your cat's world. 

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