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HeavenlyHarbor Angel Wing Harness Set

HeavenlyHarbor Angel Wing Harness Set

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Indulge your beloved pet with the HeavenlyHarbor Angel Wing Vest Harness Set — a kawaii-inspired ensemble that brings a touch of celestial charm to your furry friend's wardrobe. Crafted with meticulous detail, this personalized harness and leash collar set is designed to make your cat or dog feel like a divine companion.


Kawaii Angel Wing Design: Adorned with gold stars and delicate wings, the HeavenlyHarbor harness boasts a kawaii-inspired aesthetic, turning your pet into a celestial companion.

Personalized Supplies: Elevate your pet's style with this personalized harness set, providing not just functionality but a unique and charming accessory.


  • Small: 14.17 inches x 5.91 inches (36 cm x 15 cm)
  • Medium: 15.75 inches x 6.30 inches (40 cm x 16 cm)
  • Large: 17.32 inches x 6.69 inches (44 cm x 17 cm)

Matching Leash: Complete the ensemble with a matching leash, ensuring a coordinated and stylish look for your pet's daily walks.

Let your pet spread its wings and embrace a touch of heavenly elegance with the HeavenlyHarbor Angel Wing Vest Harness Set. Because every pet deserves to shine bright with a touch of celestial charm!

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