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CozyPaws 2-in-1 Cat Scratcher Bed

CozyPaws 2-in-1 Cat Scratcher Bed

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Introducing the "CozyPaws 2-in-1 Cat Scratcher Bed" — where durability meets comfort in a charming round design. Crafted from sturdy hemp rope and plush materials, this scratcher board doubles as a comfortable cat bed, offering your beloved pet the perfect space to rest and play.

The unique design, inspired by natural bark textures, provides an irresistible scratching experience, satisfying your cat's instincts while protecting your furniture. Available in multiple fashionable colors, this scratcher seamlessly integrates into any home decor style.

Measuring approximately 15.35 x 15.35 x 3.62 inches, with an anti-slip bottom and wear-resistant material, this cat scratcher ensures stability and longevity. Save your furniture and indulge your cat in a delightful blend of fashion and functionality with the CozyPaws 2-in-1 Cat Scratcher Bed.

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