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AquaHarmony Ceramic Oasis Cat Drinking Fountain- Handcrafted Design

AquaHarmony Ceramic Oasis Cat Drinking Fountain- Handcrafted Design

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Transform your pet's hydration routine with the AquaHarmony Ceramic Oasis—a fusion of art and practicality. Crafted from fine glazed ceramic clay, this fountain is an exquisite addition to your home, measuring a sleek 17x17x16cm (approximately 6.7x6.7x6.3 inches).

Equipped with a silent submersible pump featuring a 1.2M USB plug line, this fountain ensures a peaceful drinking experience for your pet. The package includes essential components such as filter cotton and a complete ceramic drinking water body. The smooth glazed surfaces, both inside and outside, not only enhance its aesthetics but also simplify the cleaning process.

Prioritizing your pet's health, AquaHarmony is constructed from food-grade materials and boasts a stable structure. Its captivating appearance serves both as a functional pet fountain and a stylish decor piece for your living spaces. This multi-functional design can be used as a desktop landscape, providing the soothing sound of flowing water and adding a touch of humidity to the air. With a spot to grow your favorite pet safe plant, this fountain brings the Oasis indoors.

Indulge your pet in the luxury of fresh, flowing water with this handcrafted ceramic pet fountain, featuring a dedicated space for a pet-safe plant. AquaHarmony seamlessly combines form and function, offering a delightful blend of elegance and practicality for your cherished companion.

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